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Strategic initiatives

After more than a century, students still feel the pull of this unique place to transform their lives, and Appalachian has remained focused on providing students with an experience that is not only life-changing but world-changing; that experience is a university education but one that is distinctively Appalachian. This experience is rooted in a long tradition of values that have guided the university along its journey. Values such as providing opportunities for the best and brightest students to achieve an excellent education while working with great faculty, being conscious of the larger world around us, caring for the environment in which we live, approaching learning with a creative spirit, and identifying and meeting the needs around us have been steady trail markers on the path to educating students who make a difference.


Cultivating the Creative Spirit

No matter what area of study, students need to combine their critical, analytical, and creative thinking to address the professional challenges of the 21st century. Funding to engage students through working with entrepreneurs, promote education through research and service-learning collaborations, expand access to career opportunities, support scholarships, and create endowed professorships is key to nurturing students with a creative edge who can be thought leaders and have a positive impact through their work.

Health and quality of life

Enhancing Lives and Communities

Appalachian has always looked toward identifying the needs of those around us, and preparing students who can meet those needs. A strengthened focus on the health sciences joins many other areas to meet the challenge of making stronger and healthier communities. Help is needed to support the new College of Health Sciences, premier research and student support in selected fields, arts and cultural programming, and athletics.


Supporting Student Excellence

To sustain an environment of inclusive excellence, the university must provide need-based and merit-based scholarships, fellowships, and funding for undergraduate and graduate research, and co-curricular learning opportunities. Initiatives such as the Honors College, ACCESS scholarships, athletic scholarships, and endowed distinguished professorships help attract the best and brightest to our university and change lives forever.


Living For a Better World

Growing knowledge of the planet’s environmental, equity, and economic issues helps nurture students who make the world a better place to live. Important areas to fund are research in smaller scale technology and renewable resources, peace and justice studies, endowed professorships, the establishment of a curriculum around the economics of sustainability, a “green curriculum” for the entire campus, sustainability initiatives, and campus programs.

World focus

Fostering Global Citizens

As our students become the next generation of leaders, it is critical that they view their lives and work through a global perspective. Support for programs which combine on-campus and world travel opportunities such as study abroad and faculty led trips, exchanges, scholarships, visiting scholars, arts and cultural events, and international education can make transformational experiences available to all students.